Ultimate cold sore treatment


That’s it! Zero discomfort.

I used the Vygone zapper for 2 outbreaks and it worked very well. My outbreaks are Herpes 2, on the penis. Very awkward location, but this treatment is much better than letting the sores spread.

My approach: as soon as I feel the weird tingling sensation before a full outbreak, I start using the zapper there, every 1-2 hours in the day.

I touch the zapper directly to the site of possible lesion and I zap all around it several times every hour.

The sores usually stop from developing and go into a healing process, rather than the spreading and replication process.

The sores are real small, and took a week to heel. I continue zapping daily for the week to make sure it heals.

I have never taken the prescribed medication yet, since this method has worked.”
– caliguy (forum user)