Ultimate cold sore treatment



Vygone is the first product I can really count on to work and it has really made my life better. Before having this product worrying about getting a cold sore would make me get a cold sore! But now I have something that works to rely on I don’t worry about this anymore and get less cold sores. I have a prescription topical solution (Zovirax) and would take L-Lysine but these would only help it go away a little faster once it came out, they didn’t stop it from coming out.

– Heather, Texas

VI read about this product on the net and being in Australia alot of these things are not available. I contacted Vygone who were so helpful and shipped one to me. I have used ot several times when i can feel a coldsore coming on and it has never broken the skin. Saved many embarassing situations!!!

– Michael, Australia

Without fail whenever I get stressed I get cold sores. Because I’m a student, I naturally get lots of cold sores around finals time. This year I had the zapper and when I felt the Cold Sores starting to form I was able to stop them before they ever broke the skin. My only complaint about this Zapper is that I didn’t have it when I got married!

– Jane, Utah

I wanted to test the zapper so when I felt a cold sore starting to form, I smiled and waited until the white bubble formed on my lip. I then used the Zapper 5 or 6 times and I have to say that I was amazed at how quickly it worked. The cold sore was completely gone in two days instead of the normal 7 to 10 days cycle.

– Josh, Orem, Utah

As a pharmaceutical rep, I usually get the best prescriptions out there to combat my Cold Sores. Recently I moved from Kansas to Oregon for a new job. Well, the stress of everything involved with that caused two separate cold sores in about two weeks. This was the first time that I was excited about getting them because I wanted to test out the Zapper to see if it worked as well as everyone told me. After using it myself, I’d have to say that it worked as good as or better than any prescription drug I have ever used.

– Kitt, Oregon

My cousin told me about this Zapper and how well it works so I bought one. I get lots of Cold Sores so it wasn’t too long until I got one and had a chance to use it. I felt it coming on and zapped it a couple of times in it’s earliest stages. The burning stopped immediately and the cold sore never broke the skin. The best part is I can use this zapper for years instead of one treatment like the medication I used to use.

– Aaron, Wyoming

It wasn’t a big surprise when I got a cold sore because I get them all the time. About a day after the cold sore started to develop my brother gave me a zapper. I used it and was amazed at how the zapper stopped the cold sore from growing. The next day it turned into a small scab about half the size of an eraser on the back of a pencil. No one even knew I had a cold sore.

– Becky, Oregon

I have used the Zapper on over 6 Cold Sores. I am impressed at how well it works, and I tell everyone I meet how cool this invention is. Anyone who grew up with Cold Sores will know what I’m talking about and as soon as they try it for themselves they will want to tell everyone about it too.

– Matt, Utah

I personally suffered from cold sores for more than 14 years. After trying countless cold sore treatments without any success I was blessed to discover the Cold Sore Inhibitor. It literally changed my life. I haven’t had a single cold sore since the day I received it!

– Mark, New Jersey

I am embarrassed to admit I have Genital Herpes Simplex II. It is very painful and has caused me to miss out on important parts of my life. I was treated in the hospital. I used prescription drugs, but side effects were terrible. Then I found the Viral Inhibitor Pro. Now, when I apply the Viral Inhibitor Pro early, sores never occur, and there are no side effects.

– Anonymous, Salt Lake City, Utah

If you have never suffered with shingles, you cannot imagine the agony one experiences 24 hours a day. One outbreak kept me from work as blisters became weeping sores. That’s when I found the Viral Inhibitor Pro. As I applied it, irritations quickly went away and the rash disappeared. The whole event was over in just a few days and I was back to work. I am grateful for the Viral Inhibitor Pro. I will keep it handy, you can count on that!

– Anonymous, Salt Lake City, Utah

My 2-year-old acquired molluscum contagion from a cousin. A dermatologist tried medicines, including steroids and experimental, many not insured. Hundreds of dollars and 6 months later, the doctor said to lance the puscule and rip out the hard core with tweezers. After the first attempt my son ran screaming at the sight of tweezers. Then I found the Viral Inhibitor Pro. I knew molluscum was related to Herpes viruses. I tried it on my son and the papules disappeared in 24 hours. For us the Viral Inhibitor Pro is miraculous!

– Anonymous, Rigby, Idaho

My wife had a lot of moles. We treated these with the Viral Inhibitor Pro and they started to shrink. They were raised and became unraised and started to disappear. Warts will also disappear, if you apply it regularly, they’ll just vanish! It wipes away genital warts and it wipes through warts wherever they occur. This is an account of my experience with it.

– MD, Orem, Utah

Because viral phenomenon are often long term and repetitive, providing technology to inhibit the same, immediately and continually available to the afflicted person, would be a valuable benefit to individuals specifically and to mankind generally.

– US Patent Application