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Genital warts are the most common viral sexually transmitted infection. Caused by Condyloma acuminate virus commonly known as human papilloma virus (HPV), the infection is spread through physical contact with a skin surface infected by the warts. This spread is accelerated by trauma and moisture. The infection is more prevalent in women than it is in men. Research indicates that every 7 out of 10 women who are sexually active have had an experience with the disease in their lifetime. Genital warts affect equally people of all races, gender and sexual orientations. Being highly contagious, genital warts is generally spread through sexual means. However, the venereal warts, associated with types 6 and 11 of HPV virus, have been reported to be spread through both sexual and non-sexual contact. Before indulging into treatment for genital warts, let us explrore some of the facts and symptoms of the disease.

At initial stages of the disease development no visible symptoms may be evident since it normally comes out very small. As the infection grows, the lesions, occurring on moist tissues around the genitals, appear as sessile or filiform shaped. Depending on the colour of your skin, these lesions, usually soft, may show up as brown, red or pink papules, plaques or macules. Some warts may occur individually while at times they are seen as a clustered bunch. Oral sexual contact with an infected partner has at times led to genital warts infecting the moth and the throat.

In men, the warts appear as spongy masses on the penile shaft and here they are soft. Also, genital warts show up as finger-like projections when they occur on the anal area. Affecting the penis, urethra, rectal area and the scrotum, genital warts may sometimes appear as slightly surfaces normally dark or as rough pearly surface. Nevertheless, when the genital warts affect the interior of the foreskin in uncircumcised men they are undetectable. The warts may also be invisible in men when they get concealed by the pubic hair.

Genital warts in women occur in the moist tissues usually in the vaginal opening and on the labia minora. Their appearance is similar to those in men. The lesions also affect women in the cervix, vaginal tract, and in the anoretical area and in the event the visible lesions on the outside get visible it would be advisable to undertake a detailed examination on the inside.

Although the most common method to identify genital wart infection is the visibility of the warts, acetowhitening is an enhancing technique that may aid when the lesion are not quite visible. With acetowhitening technique, a solution of 5% acetic acid is applied on the area and the area will turn white if there is presence of the genital wart infection. Further, use of colposcopy is also instrumental in the lesion identification especially for the infection affecting the cervix and the vaginal tract. The genital warts is no serious infection and anyone infected should seek treatment for genital warts.

Patients may undergo treatment for genital warts and experience permanent solution. However, others may develop secondary infections after the removal of the genital warts. In extreme cases, genital warts can lead to even more grave complications in some patients. Genital warts have been linked with causing cervical cancer. It is vital therefore for women suspecting or found with the infection to undergo routine pap smears for every six months or so. Other cancers associated with genital warts include cancer of the anus, vulva and penis. It is fair to note though that not all genital warts infection end up to cancer.

Some of the available treatment for genital warts include; cryotherapy, laser treatment, natural remedies and electrodesiccation techniques. Cryotherapy technique involves freezing of the genital warts by the use of a cryoprobe. Liquid nitrogen may also be used to freeze the warts. This method, though said to be effective has a number of side effects. The laser method employs the laser light that destroys the genital warts lesion physically. This method is quite costly and takes time to heal. It may also result into secondary infections. With the natural remedies, some treatments do work effectively while others do not deliver results at all. The electrodesiccation technique involves the use of an electric current to kill the warts. This method may require the use of anaesthesia.

Using our efficient product, Vygone Inhibitor Zapper, is a sure way of ensuring that you remove the genital warts without leaving scars on the affected area. The Vygone Inhibitter Zapper is a natural treatment for herpes, shingles, cold sore, molluscum, genital warts among other related infections. Vygone is a safe solution that will get rid of your genital warts and leaving no traces of the infection behind. When Vygone is applied to the infected areas, it releases a mild electro-waveform which inhibits the growth and activities of the virus and guarantees quick healing naturally. The electro- waveform technology has proven successful in dealing with viral related infections such as herpes and shingles, and so does it guarantee same satisfactory results as a treatment for genital warts.

The use of Vygone Inhibiter Zapper is easy. By placing the vygone two sprongs on the infected area of your skin and pressing a button on the side of your zapper, a light is produced to show that the device is activated and on. This light remains for about 10 seconds after which another light appears. This second light accentuates that your zapper has reversed the electric flow direction. Application of Vygone Inhibiter Zapper ensures effective and natural healing of the infected parts. It curbs development of blisters and lesions that occur as a result of genital warts. The electro- waveform from Vygone is analogous to the neural signals in the nervous system that fights the activities of the HPV virus. The waveform thus stops the interference of the virus to the natural healing mechanism.

Application of Vygone Inhibiter Zapper alleviates the intensity, frequency and duration of genital wart attacks. The product is save, harmless, chemical- free, 100 percent natural and spares you the trouble of side effects. Patients and doctors with an experience with Vygone have indicated a success rate of 100 percent and no side effect has been reported.Thinking for a treatment for genital warts? Get your Vygone Inhibiter Zipper today.

Shingles Remover: Vygone Inhibitor Zapper

Shingles or herpes zoster is caused by varicella-zoster virus that remains dormant in the normal body cells. It gets triggered by infection, weakened immunity, stress or trauma. It occurs in people who have suffered from chicken pox as the causative organism of both the disease conditions are same. Shingles is characterised by a painful rash along the course of nerve, fever and enlarged lymph nodes. The rash is in the form of blisters that later on burst and form scabs. The risk of getting Shingles is more in case of elderly and immunocomprised people. The conventional treatment of Shingles include anti-viral medicines, topical counter-irritants and tricyclic anti-depressants. All these medicines are associated with many side-effects. But, with the introduction of new and advanced Shingles remover, Vygone Inhibitor Zapper, you can get relief from the painful and humiliating symptoms of Shingles. It is a natural, non-invasive method that uses electro waveform technology to eliminate the virus and treat the symptoms of shingles and other painful conditions caused by microscopic viruses.

What is Vygone Inhibitor Zapper?

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is electrical shingles remover that uses safe and non-invasive technology to kill the microscopic viruses and heal the affected region.

How does Vygone Inhibitor Zapper works in Shingles?

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is a technology based device that uses electro wave form technology to treat the symptoms of shingles.

Shingles is a contagious disease and may itself cause chicken pox. Once infected with Chicken pox or Shingles, the virus lies in an inactive stage within the body even when the treatment for previous illness is received. The microscopic virus becomes active and comes to the surface whenever it gets the oppurtunity, which means in case of low resistance levels, infection causing weakened immune system, elderly people or any kind of stress. As the tiny virus (which is 100 000 times smaller than the cell) goes to the dormant stage when its course of action is completed, it never gets eradicated from the body with the help of medications. The result is you suffer from frequent viral infections in case of the above mentioned conditions.

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper eradicates the virus from within so that you do not suffer from frequent viral infections. Vygone Zapper works by sending neural signals to the brain that further stops the activity of the virus in the body. The leads to disappearance of rash and there is no formation of painful blisters. The early symptoms of Shingles are tingling and burning in the affected area. The tingling sensation is along the course of nerve. When Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is used in the early stage of the disease, it arrests the further progress of the painful disease. This stops the pain and agony of the disease. Once the viral activity is stopped, body’s natural healing can start to heal the outbreak. When applied to the painful blisters, it works by arresting viral activity, stimulating body’s natural immune mechanism to heal quickly and you are free from painful, humiliating blisters.

It decreases the intensity, frequency and duration of the viral outbreak.

How to use Vygone Inhibitor Zapper?

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is simple and easy to use. To use this electrical device, just place the two prongs on your skin and press the buttons given on the side of the zapper. The linght indicates that the device is working properly. The first light will stay on for ten seconds and then second light will turn on. The second light indicates the reversing of the direction of electrical flow in the Vygone Inhibitor Zapper. It can be used many times till the symptoms start healing. Directly apply this natural Shingles remover to the painful sites, around at times in a day, for several days till the symptoms start disapperaing. You will start noticing the relief in pain from the first day of use. It can be applied to many sites. The duration of complete relief varies from patient to patient depending upon the severity of the condition.

What are the other disease conditions in which Vygone Inhibitor Zapper can be used?

Vygone Inhibitor can be used to treat several infectious skin ailments such as warts, genital herpes, genital warts, cold sores, moles, molluscum and other viral conditions. In all these viral diseases, Vygone Inhibitor Zapper works by killing the virus that hides and lies in the dormant stage in the body, onec the symptoms are treated. All these infections keep coming back even after taking treatment and you have to suffer from recurrent, painful embarrasing eruptions. But with Vygine Inhibitor Zapper, you can heal the infection in its beginning stage and prevent it from coming back.

What are the benefits of Vygone Inhibitor Zapper?

This Shingles remover has several benefits such as:

1. It is a harmless, natural product that do not cause any side-effects. All the other oral medications for Shingles are associated with one or the other side-effects.

2. It does not contain any harmful chemicals, so safe to use on the skin.

3. Unlike many other topical ointments that result in disappearance of the eruptions till the time you are using them, Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is non addictive. Stopping its use will not bring back the symptoms.

4. The device is small, portable and can be handheld.

5. The same device can be used to treat various viral infections.

6. It promotes body’s natural healing power to fight the illness.

7. If applied in the early stages, it saves you from all the systemic symptoms like fever, generalised weakness and enlargement of lymph nodes.

8. It gives you faster and quick results.

Technical details:

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper comes in two models:

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper Plus- available at the price of $ 139.95

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper Pro- available at the price of $159.95

The function of both these devices is same, Vygone Zapper Pro is for more powerful treatments and is costlier than Vygone Inhibitor Zapper Plus. It also has longer battery life.

Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is a natural, safe Shingles remover that works by arresting the further activity of shingles virus and treating the symptoms with the help of electro waveform technolgy.

Effective Cold Sore Treatment

Cold sores are small blisters that appear around the mouth. They are extremely painful and will often cause the sufferer to feel conscious of their appearance.

The blisters are caused by a virus, herpes simplex virus. The strain of virus that causes the blisters around the mouth is known as herpes simplex type 1 (HSV-1). In rare cases it also possible for cold sores to be caused by the simplex type 2 virus (HSV-2). This can sometimes be spread by having oral sex with a carrier of genital herpes. The virus that causes cold sores is extremely contagious and spreads easily through close contact. Once a sufferer as contracted the virus it will remain dormant and inactive for long periods of time. Cold sores are usually more prevalent in times of stress but are also triggered by disease, fatigue or even exposure to periods of sunlight. Unfortunately the virus can never truly be eradicated.

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Shingles – Shingles Contagious Treatment & Symptoms

Shingles is a non-infectious viral disease caused by the herpes varicella-zoster virus.  This is the same virus that causes chickenpox in childhood.  Chickenpox is a minor childhood ailment that 95% of the population experience as a child and recover from with no ill effects.  The virus however does not leave the body and can reappear as people age as shingles.  The virus can lie dormant for many years and in some case may not reappear at all.  The virus is far more common in older people although in some rare cases it can affect the young as well.  By the age of 85 up to 60% of people will be affected by shingles.


The symptoms of shingles are similar to those caused by chickenpox.  The first sign of the virus is usually a tingling sensation, pain or itching on the area of the body where a rash will go on to develop.  Usually only one side of the body is affected although in some cases rashes can appear on the faces and it can also affect the eye.  As well as developing a rash some people experience flu like symptoms and suffer from fever and headaches.

Following the appearance of the rash groups of clear blisters will begin to form.  These blisters can be very painful to the touch and the prescription of painkillers is often necessary.  The blisters can last for as long as 2-3 weeks before they finally begin to scab over and begin to heal.


While shingles cannot be passed from one person to another care still needs to be taken.  The varicella-zoster virus can be passed from someone with shingles to a person who has never had chickenpox although only by direct contact with fluid from infected blisters.  The virus can only be passed on when in the blister stage.


Although the symptoms of shingles will disappear within a couple of weeks seeking appropriate treatment as early as possible is highly recommended.  Without treatment many sufferers go on to experience pain, itching, numbness and tingling that can last for months.  Among the treatments available are anti-viral medicines, pain killers and nerve blocks which all help to reduce pain.  Corticosteroids may also be prescribes in some cases to lower swelling and help to deal with pain.

Most patients go on to make a full and complete recovery from shingles.  However in some cases there may be further issues that need further treatment.  The most common of these is post-herpetic neuralgia.  This can cause pain, numbness, loss of appetite and fatigue that can last for many months.  Shingles can on occasion affect the eyes and without proper treatment permanent eye damage can occur.  Bacterial infection of blisters can slow down the healing process and may require anti-biotic treatments.


The only way to reduce the possibility of a bout of shingles is to be vaccinated.  While the vaccination is not proof against shingles it has been shown to reduce instances of the virus by as much as half in those aged 60 and over.  It also reduces cases of post-herpetic neuralgia considerably.

Molluscum Contagiosum – Treatment of Molluscum Contagiosum Virus

Molluscum contagiosum is a member of the pox virus family and is a mostly harmless viral infection that causes small white or flesh coloured growths to appear on the skin.  While these growths may be unsightly they are rarely painful and will generally disappear within 6-12 months of the initial outbreak.  Unlike the herpes virus which hides in nerve cells and never leaves the body the Molluscum virus lives on the skin.  Once the nodules and growths caused by the virus are gone all traces of it will be removed from the body and there is no risk of recurring outbreaks unless a new case occurs through contact with an infected person.


The symptoms associated with Molluscum contagiosum are small usually painless nodules or papules on the skin.  They are typically 2-5mm in diameter and have a dimple in the centre of them.  They can occur singularly or in groups and often occur in lines as a result of scratching and itching which causes the virus to spread.
The growths can occur all over the body and in children can often be found on the arms, neck and face.  In adults they are also found on the abdomen and genitals as a result of transmission through sexual contact.


Molluscum can be passed on through contact with lesions and skin to skin contact.  It is also commonly transmitted through sex with an infected person.  Coming into contact with surfaces that contain the virus is another way for it to be passed around.  Towels, clothes and toys can all spread the virus.

Steps can be taken to prevent transmission of the virus if you are infected.  While condoms provide some protection against Molluscum they cannot stop you from becoming infected as lesions appear on all areas of the body not just the genitals.  Care should be taken to keep areas of skin around lesions clean and covered with clothing or bandages so others do not come into contact with them.


While in most cases the signs and symptoms will disappear without treatment in 6-12 months some instances can last for much longer.  There are a number of treatment options available for severe cases and for those who wish to be rid of their symptoms as soon as possible.  Your medical provider can offer you a number of treatment options including Cryotherapy which freezes the growths and is similar to the treatment for warts.  Cutterage involves draining the liquid from the growths and laser treatment is also an option.  These treatments can be painful and cryotherapy and cutterage can both result in scarring.

There are in addition and number of creams and oral medicines that can be prescribed and applied to the growths.  Containing chemical such as salicylic acid, tretinoin and podophyllin can help to remove the symptoms of Molluscum.  These creams and medicines are not guaranteed to remove growths and there are a number of side effects associated with them.

Herpes Simplex 2 – Genital Herpes Simplex Virus II

The herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2) is the form of herpes that affects the genitals.  It is a very common sexually transmitted viral infection and it has been estimated that around 10-20% of sexually active population in the UK and the US carry the infection.  Genital herpes can also be caused be type 1 herpes simplex although there is little difference between the two types.  The visible symptoms are the same and the main difference is that type 1 symptoms rarely recur on the genitals and are much more likely to recur on the face.


Transmission of the herpes virus most commonly occurs via skin to skin contact.  It enters the body through mucous membranes such as those found around the mouth and genital regions.  The virus can also enter the body through a cut or a break in the skin.  The virus can only be passed when it is in its active phase when the virus is present on the surface of the skin.  When the virus is dormant it cannot be passed on.  The virus cannot be spread to other parts of the body following the initial infection.  While it is possible to catch the virus in two places at the same time such as the hands and genitals the infection will not spread any further.  HSV-2 infections tend to be much more common in women than men.


The herpes type 2 virus can produce a wide range of symptoms.  The severity of the symptoms can vary enormously from those which are very mild to the much more severe.  Some symptoms are so mild that they go unnoticed and the person may not know that they have been infected with the virus.  Symptoms usually begin to appear within 2-3 days of the initial infection taking place.  They can be quite severe and general symptoms can include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Fever
  • Aching muscles in the back and legs
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin
  • General lack of energy

Genital symptoms are characterised by small, painful blisters and lesions around the genital region.  Often they are filled with a clear of straw coloured liquid and can be extremely painful to the touch.  For men they can occur on the penis, scrotum and also on the thighs and buttocks.  Women are most likely to experience them on the outer vaginal lips, anus and cervix.  Blister may also appear on the mouth, tongue, face and other parts of the body.

Other potential symptoms that people infected with HSV-2 may experience are painful urination and vaginal discharge.
Once the initial infection has been dealt with secondary outbreaks can occur weeks or even months later.  The herpes virus never leaves the body and it can never be removed once you are infected.  However it will stay in a dormant state for the majority of the time in the affected nerve cells.  Secondary or later outbreaks can be caused by a number of factors including stress, fatigue, menstruation and injury.


The herpes virus cannot be cured or removed from the body.  Treatment will focus on returning the virus back to its dormant state so that it does not produce and physical signs and symptoms.  There are a number of antiviral medicines designed to treat the herpes virus.  While these medicines can be effective at treating the initial infection they are less so at treating secondary and later outbreaks.  They can also have a number of side-effects including headaches, fatigue and nausea.


While the only sure way to avoid the herpes simplex II virus is to avoid all forms of sexual contact steps can be taken to minimise the chances of infection.  Safe sex practices such as the use of condoms and regular testing of partners can help to prevent infection.

Vygone Cold Sore Treatment and Cold Sore Remedies

Are you suffering from cold sores? What could be the best and effective cold sore remedies? are coWhat ld sores, in the first place? Cold sores are small and painful blisters that usually develop and appear on areas of the mouth like on the lips and gums. They are also filled with fluid and the herpes virus causes the cold sore to be contagious. This condition may not be that serious, but if left untreated, it could cause irritation, annoyance and discomfort. The tingling and pain feeling may be experience for about two days until the cold sores become visible.

Most individuals get to experience cold sores a couple of times in their entire lives, and these cold sores are ugly, painful and irritating. Therefore, this condition need to be treated immediately. This way, they can prevent the cold sores to become worst and they can easily get back to their normal lives. The fact is that cold sores could just disappear between 5 to 10 days by themselves, but it is advised to treat the problem so that it can heal in just a day or two.

Do not worry about treating cold sores because there are so many treatments and remedies to alleviate the pain and eliminate the problem in just a couple of days. There are home remedies and oral medication options, so you can certainly find the most effective treatment that would do away with your cold sores.

If you find conventional treatments now suitable for your cold sore problem, do not lose hope because there are other remedies that you can apply. One of the most effective, safe and innovative treatment that can be found nowadays is Vygone Cold Sore Treatment. Vygone Inhibitor Zapper is a cold sore treatment that utilizes electro waveform technology that effectively provides quick and natural treatment to virus infected areas.

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