Ultimate cold sore treatment


How the VyGone Inhibitor Zapper works to “short circuit” outbreaks…

To the point: The VyGone Zapper uses a gentle, soothing “unique electronic waveform technology” to treat cold sores. To you? At worst, it’s a mild electric sensation—no pain or uncomfortable feeling of any kind. To your nasty cold sore? It’s screaming “Don’t tase me, bro!”

(Without viral interference, your body’s fast natural healing can immediately start to heal the outbreak.)

Cold sores and other skin lesions ARE
to defend against this
unique stimulation, and quickly

In the vast majority of cases, the signs and symptoms of the Herpes virus (such as blisters, warts and lesions) can be stopped—even before they begin to appear.

VyGone’s electrical pulses stimulate the neural signals which naturavlly stop herpes activity outside nerves.

The best part? The more the VyGone Zapper is used, the fewer outbreaks you’ll have. Plus, the duration and frequency of them will be significantly redu ced.

I tried several drugs and I think that Vygone is a good choice. The one thing I have
noticed with VyGone vs drugs is that I have fewer and fewer outbreaks with Vygone.”
– Macy Milton